Calls being cut off


This is an issue I brought up in the past but could never get it solved.

The problem is on any remote extensions, the connection is very unstable. Sometimes it will be perfectly fine, but more times than not, calls will cut off after about 30 seconds.

I still can’t figure it out.

Please help & thanks in advance,

If you gave this little information last time you probably didn’t get much help.

Need complete info. Look at other posts you will get the idea. Versions/Installation type/network setup

I’m running FreePBX, Asterisk Ver. 11.5.1 .
I have forwarded ports 5060 and 10000 to 20000. All are using the UDP protocol.

I am using Mitel 5224 IP Phones for the remote extensions. They all work fine in the office. Don’t know if it could be the phones that are the issue.

I hope that is enough info.



Probably not, the information you provide is still too vague and inconsequential. maybe try the paid support available above?

The paid option is too expensive. What information would be helpful then?

Have you read any of the forum posts that sound a bit like your problem?

Do you see how after pulling teeth for a few posts some get a clue and post all the diagnostics and trouble shooting they have done to fully describe their particular deployment and their particular problem, in the absense of any of that you will have to wait for a mind reader to show up, but unfortunately for you, there are very few of those around here :slight_smile:

Yes, I don’t know how the Mitel’s do NAT if you have to manually configure the external IP. What is the remote network architecture? What kind of routers? Internet connection? What do the RTP logs look like when the call is dropped (if you are going to post them we only need 1 line, not 500 duplicates).

Many phones work poorly behind NAT. Mitel’s are not widely used with Asterisk (compared to other vendors). You could avoid all the trouble and setup VPN’s to the remote site $25.00 routers have this capability today.