Calls are not routing with codec issue

i am unable to route calls to my VSP the call do hit the VSP provider but with the message on VSP switch that client has G711U,G 711a , GSM instead of expected G.723 .

where as my sip dialer & ATA device has been configured with G.723 or G.729 codec

more over since i am routing calls with 03XXXXXXXXX as my VSP need to send them calls with 03 so i have outbound route with 03XXXXXXXXX & trunk with same 03XXXXXXXXX 11 digits .

please let me know what i am doing wrong .


Without seeing your trunk configuration, Iā€™m guessing you need

For the TRUNK that actually handles ā€œ03ā€ routed outbound calls, on its TRUNKS page, in its PEER DETAILS and USER DETAILS edit boxes, include the following:


Re-start asterisk

# asterisk -vvvrx restart