Calls are not getting recorded in cdr report

Hii Guys … Today when i notice my cdr reports all calls are not getting recorded in the cdr report I mean ,The recording part is not done … but I can see the call duration and the all details in the reports …
Please help me

try your question again. i certainly don’t understand what you are asking

95% of my calls are recording properly , only the remaining 5 % the recordings are empty , I cant find them even in /var/spool/asterisk/monitoring/ date …
But the calls duration i

s more than 2 minutes

so to be clear, you are saying that sometimes you have calls that come into the system, are being answered but are not showing up in the cdr reports?

They are shown in the cdr reports but the audio is not saved …
the quality team is asking for the conversation audio’s of some calls which are not being recorded

ok, not a cdr issue, this is a call recording issue. how are you initiating the call recording?

We will monitor it via UCP (user control panel) or from cdr reports module …
how can I fix this

There are many queues setup in organisation . is there any way that it is causing the calls not to be recorded ?

so your agents initiate the recording? or do you have it set to record all calls in the extension settings?

Recording initiation happens at the “Extension” level. There is a system-wide default, but individual extensions can have recording turned off. Also, your agent may be disabling recording using the recording toggle (check your Admin -> Feature Codes page).