Calls are getting forwarded automatically

Dear Team,

I have installed freepbx 13 in my server .And i have 2 location which is connected through VPN.

Location A : Server located and extension series of 4XX

Location B : Connected through VPN and extension series 6XX

When i am dialing from Location A to Location B some times the calls are reaching to wrong extensions.

Example : I have called from Location A extension 400 to Location B extension 600 but the call is going to extension 605.
And if i disconnect the call and call again it will reach to the proper extension

As i have checked there no follow-me configured and call forwarding is also not enabled .

And i am facing this issue only while calling from location A to Location B for sometimes with some extension.
But When i called from Location B to Location A I have never faced the problem.

And when iam registered the Location B extension .In sip show peers its showing the Location B gateway IP.

Can i anyone help on this?

maybe, you have to check the dtmfmode for sip.

If ‘gateway IP’ is location B’s public IP address, something is wrong with your VPN setup and it’s not being used.

If it’s the tunnel endpoint (an address on Location A’s private subnet), then your VPN setup is doing NAT and changing port translations are probably causing your trouble. You can confirm this by saving the output of sip show peers both before a failed call and again after a successful retry. If the port numbers for the 6xx extensions have changed, that’s your problem. Possible fixes:

  1. Reconfigure your VPN so it doesn’t involve NAT.
  2. Set the UDP timeout in the NAT device much longer than the interval between registrations or qualify packets.
  3. Set a short qualify interval in Asterisk or a short registration in the phones, so NAT associations don’t time out.
  4. (Assuming that one of your 6xx extensions shows port 5060) set a unique local port on each of the 6xx phones.
  5. Use Wireshark or other network debugging tools to see exactly what is going wrong and fix the issue accordingly.

Am not getting the Gateway B public Address .Am getting the Local gateway ip of Location B.

Below is my sip show peers output.

443/443 D No No A 5060 OK (12 ms)
444/444 D No No A 5060 OK (7 ms)
445/445 D No No A 5060 OK (9 ms)
446/446 D No No A 5060 OK (8 ms)
448/448 D No No A 5060 OK (10 ms)
449/449 D No No A 5060 OK (9 ms)
450/450 D No No A 5060 OK (9 ms)
452/452 D No No A 5060 OK (8 ms)
453/453 D No No A 5060 OK (10 ms)
601/601 D No No A 3241 OK (89 ms)
602/602 D No No A 3243 OK (80 ms)
603/603 D No No A 5060 OK (72 ms)
604/604 D No No A 3238 OK (70 ms)
605/605 D No No A 3240 OK (70 ms)
606/606 D No No A 3244 OK (70 ms)
607/607 D Yes Yes A 59844 OK (71 ms)
608/608 D No No A 1062 OK (73 ms)
609/609 D No No A 3242 OK (74 ms)

Is there any configuration i have to do in freepbx to get the Phone actual ip instead of Location B Gateway IP.

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