Callout script


I am trying to get a callout script working that will make calls to external numbes when a VM is left is a specific mailbox. I am following this:

I can get the call to go out if I use an existing extension, but I am having a problem with the part where I add the [notify-callout] part of the script. I added the context to ‘/etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf’ so it doesn’t get overwritten by FreePBX updates in the GUI.

For the proof-of-concept (I will change the script names and extensions later) I created a “regular” extension 272, so that things would match the scripts.

After leaving a VM for extension 272, then manually running the ‘’ script the callout is made (my cell phone rings), but then the call immediately ends. It is supposed to prompt me to connect in to the voice mail, and as for the password for extension 272, so the messages can be retrieved.

NOTE: In the ‘’ script, I of course changed the destination number to my cell number, and had to change the ‘originate …’ command to ‘channel originate …’

Any ideas on what would need to be changed for this to work?

Thanks! :slight_smile: