Calling voicemail extension results in call revert back to originating caller

We are using Freepbx with asterisk 13.19.1 for voicemail purposes. Calls to an extension on our Cisco Call manager are directed to on a no answer or busy over a sip trunk to our freepbx server to find a matching extension as their voicemail box. We are experiencing problems with extension 1111.

Extension 7800 calls 1111. Instead of reaching the voicemail box for 1111 they are advised by the system that the call to 7800 is an invalid extension. This occurs for any calls to voicemailbox 1111.

Any suggestions as to what would cause this particular extension to have problems?
Thank you for your assistance.
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That setup sound familiar … :grinning:

My guess is that the user logon/user logoff feature codes are interfering with that extension number. Browse to Admin Feature codes and disable them. If they don’t show on this list, browse to Advanced settings and enable ‘Expose All Feature Codes’, then go back to Feature Codes and ensure they are disabled.

Thanks Lorne. That was it exactly. Wasn’t aware that we were not seeing all the feature codes.
Problem is resolved.
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