Calling two cell-phones over queue - problems with busy/congested taking call


I have created a queue to forward my calls to two cell phone numbers if the sip extenstions called earlier did not accept the call.

I have set dial mode to “linear” in that queue, because I have only one line available to dial out.
So the first number of the first static agent (I put in “00431213123…,0”) should get called first, then the other one in the second line. My default SIP line is used for call-out atm.

Now the problem is, that if the first cell phone rejects the call before the timeout of 20s has gone (cell phone reports busy), I can hear my cell phone mailbox taking the call.

But I want only to route the call to the cell phone if the call really was ACCEPTED by the user (not busy/congested/etc.).

Any chances of doing that with a queue ?

Or should I use a custom extension and the “Dial” command is that even better ?

Will be very happy about your help, as i got stuck now. Thank you !

The call pnone extension called should have “confirm calls”’ set


wow great didn`t know that :slight_smile:

That did the trick. Thank you !