Calling Server Setup

I’m looking for somebody that can setup my calling card server for me. All I need to know is to tell me how much that would cost me.

I assume from this post that you have never engaged a professional before.

Anyone who responds to this quote with a price is incompetent and you should run the other way.

“calling card server” is ridiculously broad.

If you want to get in the business you need to write a clear scope of work that includes capacity planning, billing, trunking, end user interfaces (think web portal) etc.

With a reasonable scope of work you can get what you want.

First of all, I’d like to present my apology to all the professional in the forum. I was very frustrated with this setup and I tried to reach out for help that came out very UN-professional, once again my apology to all of you guys. now I have a calling card server with a2billing 1.3, freepbx 2.9, and asterisk 1.4. i don’t know if I did the configuration the wrong way or else. But for whatever the reason I’m unable to call out, to call in, even call out or in locally. After trying for over 4 now, I’ve decided to get some professional help. That where i am right now. Could someone be so kind to help me?

Don’t worry about the apology however we still can’t possibly answer a question such as “why doesn’t it work”

a2billing is complex by itself let alone trying to make it live with FreePBX.

I have been doing this forever and if I needed a2billing I would pay Joe Roper and the folks over at star2billing to set it up for me.

If you have a specific question feel free to ask.