Calling on an aastra users.(SOLVED)

I had been using my aastra 480ict very well until we had a storm and it lost the configuration. I have set it up again but, I get no service and the peers apear with no port number. Host unspecified, port 0. Any help is appreciated.


Yes, correct. Basically you are correct.

What I finaly did was to use the web interface and the phone for configureation. Via phone I reset the phone to factory reset.

I downloaded and installed the latest firmware.

Then via web interface I configured the extensions along with the tftp server and restarted the phone.

Thank you.

Well basically what you are saying is that you need to configure your phone from scratch and gave zero details what you want to do.

You only need to configure 2 things for a standard setup.

Proxy IP and Registrar IP (both are the IP address of your Asterisk server). That is assuming your configuring from the web interface. If your configuring from an FTP or TFTP server you also need to specify that IP. If you do all that the phone will be connected to the server. Of course, you also need to configure the extensions authentication name and password but that should be obvious.

The ports can stay at 0 which tells the phone to configure them automatically.