Calling in to FreePBX from an external Phone

Is it possible to call in to the phone system from an external number and check my voicemail? I am frequently on the road and i need to be able to call in to the system from my cell phone and check my work voicemail. Thanks

The easiest is to dial your number and when your voicemail message is playing, press the star key. You will be prompted for your password.

You can also create a DISA (Direct Inward System Access) using the DISA module, and link that to an IVR. That would allow you to have full system access as if you were picking up a system phone. So, for example, you could dial *97 to check your voicemail.

You can also create a misc. destination and route a DID to it or a hidden IVR option.

I did what SkyKingOH said, and just used “**” in the IVR to access any user’s voicemail. I didn’t dedicate a DID - just used one of the current inbound routes. Works perfectly. You have to install the Misc Destination module 1st. Took all of 2 minutes from start to finish.

I went ahead and created the Misc Destination and assigned it an extension in the IVR. Seems to be working perfectly. Thank you for all the replies and help.

In General Settings there is an option “Direct Dial Voicemail Prefix:”. With this option set to *, I used to be able to dial * + extension # to directly access my voicemail box.

This option does not appear to work with 2.9 and Asterisk Has this been obsoleted in 1.8?