Calling Google Talk usernames - NOT google voice

I have setup google voice trunk using pbx module.

  • I can receive and make calls to google voice number
  • I can receive calls from gmail / gtalk users calling my username in gv trunk
  • I “cannot” call back the gmail “usernames” or directly to GTalk (using gmail id and without using a Google voice no)

My issue is i need to call Gtalk users. By Gtalk users i mean, gmail usernames who are signed in to gtalk and who doesnt have a google voice number.

In current scenario, if I dial a google username it gives a response. All circuits are busy. but if i dial a google voice number, it gets connected, and vice versa

How do I go about enabling outbound calls to google talk username?
is it possible to do that with google voice trunk?

I have latest version of pbx, google voice module

What kind of dial pattern would you use on an outbound route to get it to go to GTalk?

I tried using a dial pattern with prefix as a number and then dot as the pattern

prefix: 0
pattern: .

and then tried dialling the number from voip client as

it dint work

but at the same time
when i entered 0[a us toll free no] it worked

Can you help me make it dial to a gtalk username than a number

Any one can help me on this ?

I’m treading unknown territory here because I’ve never tried this, but I’ll give it a shot…

What is your asterisk CLI output when you make the call from your VOIP client?

I have just managed to configure and am now able to call gtalk usernames. outgoing calls to gtalk working fine now.

thanks anyways

Can you post your solution in case someone else runs into the issue? (and I’m curious too, heh).

edit extensions_custom.conf

exten => _<prefix_for_gtalk_calling>.,1,Dial(gtalk/<name_as_configured_gtalkroute>/${EXTEN:2}

replace <prefix_for_gtalk_calling> with any prefix of your wish to distinguish the called no from your extensions
replace <name_as_configured_gtalkroute> with your route name for google voice
replace 2 with the length of your prefix

I hope this helps as i searched hell lot of forums for such a solution, but I could never find anywhere until i tried this n worked

Awesome, thanks. :slight_smile:

could please show me the real syntax for this…i have working 3 GV in/outbound…but i want to call gtalk username too.and i how can i dial them on normal sip ata normal tel set…