Calling card -Correspondent's number mapped to USA number

Dear experts,
We are calling card provider and are trying to follow the competition and need your help please.
We have seen Provider allow customer to map their correspondent’s number (family members, friends… abroad) to a USA or any other local number, how does that work and can the bundle Asterisk/Freepbx/A2billing do that?

Your help will be much appreciated,

This is a joke, right?

I tested this feature where you can subscribe to their service and one you connected, you can customer and map for example you sister’s phone number which means when you call her, you don’t need to dial any access number nor any pin code or whatever you can think of , you will simply dial a local number such as 703--* and get to talk to her. and you can do the same for all other contact you have abroad, the only Pro is, it eliminate the calling card normal process ( Dial access number , listen to prompt, enter pin, enter destination as follow 00 or 011+country code+area code+number…)
Hope that helps

Yes you can do all that, but I don’t think anyone here will do it for you, you will need to do lots and lots of work before you can pretend to be a calling-card provider though :slight_smile: