Calling another local PBX goes strait to Voicemail

So here at the office I have two PBX’s one is FreePBX installed on Raspberry Pi with FreePBX v14.0.0.14 and Asterisk v13.20.0. The other is a Panasonic KX-NCP500. They are both on the same network. I believe I have a trunk between the two, but not sure if its configured properly. The reason I think its not configured properly is because when I call the Panasonic system from the FreePBX it goes strait to the voicemail at extension 101 no matter what extension I dial. If I call any extension of the FreePBX from the Panasonic I get the busy tone. No matter what I change in settings this happens or does not work at all. I will post how I have it configured below. I’m open to any and all suggestions. Thanks everyone!

This is how I have the FreePBX configured.

This is how I have the Panasonic PBX configured.

This is a call log from FreePBX to the Panasonic system.

See this post.

Update: Well I figured out half of it. My dial plan in the Outbound Routes didn’t work properly. I needed to put 1XX in just one line instead of listing the extensions directly. So FreePBX can now just dial any Panasonic extension and it will ring. Now have to figure out how to do the same thing on the Panasonic side so it can call the FreePBX

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