Calling an extension in Snom missed call list results in a call to mobile phone number

We have a fresh FreePBX v14.0.5.25 and a lot of Snom 720 and Snom D725 phones (firmware v8.9.3.80). We edited by commercial EPM module the basefile for these phones to allow LDAP lookup of numbers. The lookup works great… we can search a colleague name and got (and dial) his extension or his mobile. The problem is when we missed a call: the missed list on the phone shows the extension but in recall the phone compose the mobile number of the same user instead of his extension.

These are the LDAP related configuration lines:
<ldap_server perm="">SERVER<</ldap_server>
<ldap_port perm="">636</ldap_port>
<ldap_base perm="">LDAP_BASE</ldap_base>
<ldap_over_tls perm="">on</ldap_over_tls>
<ldap_username perm="">USER</ldap_username>
<ldap_password perm="">PASSWORD</ldap_password>
<ldap_sort_results perm="">on</ldap_sort_results>
<ldap_max_hits perm="">10</ldap_max_hits>
<perform_initial_query_in_ldap_state perm="">off</perform_initial_query_in_ldap_state>
<ldap_display_name perm="">"%sn %givenName"</ldap_display_name>
<ldap_name_attributes perm="">“sn givenName displayName”</ldap_name_attributes>
<ldap_number_attributes perm="">“telephoneNumber Mobile ipPhone”</ldap_number_attributes>
<ldap_number_filter perm="">(|(telephoneNumber=%)(Mobile=%)(ipPhone=%))</ldap_number_filter>
<ldap_search_filter perm="">(&(telephoneNumber=*)(|(sn=%)(givenName=%)(displayName=%)))</ldap_search_filter>
<auto_dial_ldap perm="">off</auto_dial_ldap>

Did someone get the same behavior? Do someone have a suggestion to solve this issue?

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