Calling an Agent's phone number and then their extension from within a Ring Group

Within “Ring Groups” / “Extension List” I want to dial an Agent that does not have a DID. Therefore I need to dial the main number of the Agent’s company followed by their extension.

For example, to reach the Agent I would dial 212-555-1212 and when prompted, enter their extension of 3300.

I’m trying to add the above Agent to the “Extension List” in a Ring Group but can’t get FreePBX to dial the Agent’s company main number and then wait before dialing their extension.

I tried:
2125551212,3300 - but FreePBX converts it to 21255512123300
2125551212www3300 - FreePBX converts it to 21255512123300

Is there a way to format the phone number and the extension that needs to follow such that FreePBX will dial the phone number of the Agent in the Ring Group, wait 3 seconds and then dial the Agent’s extension?

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