Callforward with *72 Will there be a way to see if forwarding is active?

Callforward with *72 and monitoring

Through AMI “or something like” I want to monitor when an extension has activated call forwarding but do not understand how to do it, someone has an idea?

I tried with:
Action: ExtensionStateList

And with:
Action: ExtensionState
Exten: 10

but the command answers do not inform if the extension is in forward …

Yet there will be a way to notice ???

Go to your list of extensions within FreePBX 13 and you will see this info.

I went into the panel in the “Asterisk Info” nor is it indicated something

it seems strange that imposed the forward with *72 followed by the number and there is no way to have feedback …

With the Extension Settings module installed, browse to Settings, Extension Settings.

attaching image setting module

I tried to use from my extension “10” is that the forward is active or that is not active does not change anything

I’m still looking for an AMI or AGI command or something that allows me to understand when someone activates forward