CallForward Ringtimer setting doesn't work from UCP

Setting the call forwarding ring timer in UCP to something other than the default 15 seconds before it goes to voice mail.

Unfortunately, my settings don’t get applied, whatever I set there has no effect.

Anybody with the same issue?

FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-29

Still the same thing going on in Freepbx 13.
I set it to 5 seconds, but it will use the default ring rime set in advanced settings or whatever I set in Extension Options.

Did some quick testing and believe you may be correct. File a bug, applies to 13 too.

There is one open from December 4th.
Might have been overlooked.

We are backlogged on bugs at the moment. If a bug is “On Deck” then it’s been looked over.