Callforward not forwarding correctly 40% of the calls


I have a FreePBX 13.0.177 running on Ubuntu 16.04, the phones are Aastra 6730i Phones.
On one of the phones i edited a speed-dial button to forward all incoming phonecalls to a mobile number like this "*72,0651000000#"
The “,” are used as a pause because when you hit *72 the “lady” starts asking to what number… and so on…
There are 2 Aastra 6730i’s in a ringing group, and the above one is one of them.
So, incoming call -> ring group -> forward one phone of the ring group to mobile other Aastra phone is ringing like usual.

But now the problem, about 4 of the 10 calls get a message “extension unavailable”.

Before this i was running a old Freebpx 2.9 with the (nearly) the same configuration without problems.
Only difference then was that i made a dummy extension that all calls went to, and if the dummy extension was offline it would go to a ring group to both the Aastra phones.
Forwarding was done by forwarding that dummy extension to the mobile number from one of the Aastra Phone.

Dialing a number never results in the error message.
Could it be that FreePBX is sending/dailing the number to quickly that a digit is lost while dialing the mobiles number?

I’m not sure I understand why you are doing this.

If the phone is forwarded to that number using CF (Busy), then the number will stay forwarded until the CF is cleared.

If you set up the phone to use Find Me/Follow Me, then you just need to set the timeout long enough that the phone eventually sends the call.

Also, you should consider setting up a “Miscellaneous Destination” with the destination cell phone in it so that you can control things like the outbound route.

Regardless, it doesn’t sound like this is the way you should be using these functions. It also doesn’t sound like you’ve logged in to the server as “root” through the console and looked at what happen to the calls in the /v ar/log/asterisk/full log file. That will actually tell you what the problem is. Search the log file for “unavail” (use the “/” key for find) and you should find an occurrence pretty quickly.

Hi, Thanks for the reply,

But i’m using Call Forward Unconditionally, find me/follow me is no option because we have 2 mobile phones and need to be able to select which mobile phone should ring. (Speed-dial one is forward to my phone, Speed-dial 2 is forward to the other phone, Speed-Dail 3 is disable al Unconditional forwarding)
I have logged in as root and did do a tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full only “unavail” i’m getting is the default “[2016-09-12 09:36:08] VERBOSE[53810] pbx.c: Added extension ‘ja’ priority 4 to app-cf-unavailable-off” messages, no errors with transfers.

Miscellaneous Destination is a option to try.