Callflow message

Is it possible to change the default callflow message activation/deactivation with your own custom one ??
I.e. instead of “feature 0 activated” something like “out of office forwarding activate” ??

Yes, few ways I can think of:

  1. redirect to your own custom dialplan and play your unique recordings

  2. enable multiple languages on your call flow, and put your recordings in as another language. When a call is identified as FAKELANGAUGE it uses the FL recording set.
    PBX GUI : Sound Languages User Guide (

  3. replace the existing recordings with new ones, but keep the file name the same. Be careful when you do this, some recordings are used by multiple applications.

I like number 2 best, but have done number 3 a lot. For example, we don’t like how slow numbers are pronounced, so we replaced all the number files with sped up versions. Now when it speaks number, it speaks them much more quickly.

Yes , 3 is straightforward but risky as you said for multiple apps
I’ll take a look at 2
Thank you

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