Callers With Private and/or Anonymous numbers dosen't ring some of our phones


We have some Cisco SPA112 ATA to hook our Engenius long range cordless analogs phones to our FreePBX phone system but, when the caller had an “Anonymous” or a “Private” phone number/CID our Cisco SPA112 ATA dosen’t get the call, the Engenius cordless phones dosen’t rings. But our Cisco SPA512G/SPA502G can get the call from Anonymous callers.

When callers dosen’t have an Anonymous CID, there no issues at all.

If needed I can post the configuration page of one of our Cisco SPA112 ATA.



The default behavior is to block anonymous calls (page 93 of the manual) there are ‘verticle codes’ to enable/disable that behavior.

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I dialed *87 and now all is fine! Thanks! :wink:

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