Callers Mysteriously Getting Conferenced Together

We are having a strange ongoing issue where callers (patients at a medical facility) are getting conferenced together. This happens from time to time, and the only common occurrence I have come up with so far is in one of the instances where this occurred more than one call was transferred to an extension. So the front desk transferred two patients to extension 251 (the nurse) the two patients end up in a conference talking to each other instead of the nurse.

At this facility we are running a Freepbx 400 system with Sangoma S705 at the front desk and S505 phones at the nurses stations.

If this issue occurred within the past week, the Asterisk log for the calls should still be on the system and should give some clues as to the sequence of events.

Test to determine which options are shown on ext. 251 when it is on a call and another incoming call is ringing. Some phones will show a ‘conf’ softkey in this situation, which the nurse may have pressed by mistake.

Also, test the situation where two calls are transferred to 251 before the first is answered.

On the S series, by default, when you press a flashing BLF it will seize the channel ringing on that line. Likewise when you transfer a call to a flashing BLF, it will transfer the call to the ringing channel. If your users don’t use the directed call pickup feature, you can disable it in Feature Codes, that should prevent this from happening.

Thank you for your reply. We have disabled that feature code and will give this a try.

Thanks Again!!!


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