Callers Go to Voicemail When Put On Hold For Too Long

I am trying to fix what I know is a simple problem. I am a user/tinkerer/lawyer who is too cheap, too curious and too stupid to have a phone guy manage our small office phones… BTW, I love FreePBX… Started with Trixbox in 2007 and have been there since. I have bought all the commercial modues and paid for commercial support (even though I’m cheap) because the product is so valuable to us. Thanks to all who make it happen!

On to the issue…

Calls come into FreePBX through: Time Conditions->IVR->Ring Group and the calls are picked up by an available extension in the Ring Group. If the call is placed on hold for a (not very long) time, it goes to voicemail. I’m not sure if happens to every extension in the Ring Group or just the one that belongs to the lady who reported it to me.

If necessary, I will recreate the problem and post the log, but I figured somebody might know what box I need to check or what setting to adjust.

Thanks in advance for any help.

are they putting the calls on “hold” or are they parking the calls? If parking there is a timeout and after that point the calls are usually rung back to the extension that parked them or redirected wherever you specify in the parking settings.

Thet are putting the calls on hold - we don’t use the parking feature… They have Cisco phones. Might be something in the phone settings?

I just assumed FreePBX had a hold timeout or reminder feature, but I don’t see one. I guess I’ll look at the phones.

Don’t expect cisco phones to ever by ‘compliant’ with anything fpbx wise

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