Callers Enter PIN Number - get access to call after hours

Is it possible to easily setup FreePBX so that if a caller calls in during a certain timeframe, that they have to enter in a unique PIN Number to gain access to talk to someone?

For example, I want to offer after hours support with my company, but to do this they should have to pre-pay and get a pin number to talk to someone.

I have done something like this on a limited basis. I’ve created an IVR, but instead of " Press 1 to do this, 2 to do that" I’ve recorded " Please enter your PIN number".

Then I program the selections with the various PIN codes I want to use. I’ve never done more than 4 or 5 this way, but it works well, but if you have a large number, it would be a pain in the a#$ to maintain!. There are surely some more elegant means of accomplishing this, but this is the only thing I see “out of the box”.

Thanks Bill. This sounds like it is what I need to do. I may only have a few clients that will pay for 24/7 support, so it will be easy to maintain for now…

Well…Good luck in it becoming unmanageable!