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what are the vairables used by Superfecta so I can tailor the emailed message to have other information? Where can this be found?

Thanks leon

The Send to email modue code is in:


The variables are as noted in the tool tip for this source in Superfecta, [NAME] and [NUMBER].

Hi Lorne…thanks for the prompt reply. those the only two? I was hoping I could get the string that is sent to the phone since I prepend a string to the CNAM or get the actual DID the call came in on???

thanks leon

For DID, you would have to modify the file noted above. See the Send to Growl module for how to use DID.

If you would like to submit a pull request

You will need a CLA to submit a PR:

ok I’m not a PHP developer - but I did cut and paste some errors that it was not - oh licensed is not the correct wor - its on the tip of my tongue :frowning:
I then tried to replace the file (i created copies of old and new and then copied the changes to the one that gets used) and get this error

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_COMPILE_ERROR)
Cannot redeclare class Send_to_Email

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Can you just make the change and release it? THis is what I came up with?

                    $the_did_formated =$this->get_DID();
                    if (strlen($thenumber)==10){
                        $thenumberformated      ='('.substr($thenumber,0,3).') '.substr($thenumber,3,3).'-'.substr($thenumber,6,4);
                        if (strlen($the_did_formated)==10){
                           $the_did_formated       ='('.substr($the_did_formated,0,3).') '.substr($the_did_formated,3,3).'-'.substr($the_did_formated,6,4);

                    $gr_did         =$the_did_formated;

as well as this

    public $source_param = array (
            'Email_address' => array(
                    'description' => 'Specify email notification address, separate multiple addresses with commas.',
                    'type' => 'textarea',
                    'default' => ''
            'Message_Subject' => array(
                    'description' => 'Content for the subject of the email.  Substitute [NUMBER] and [NAME] for CID variables.',
                    'type' => 'textarea',
                    'default' => 'Incoming call from [NAME] at [NUMBER] on [DID]'
            'Message_Body' => array(
                    'description' => 'Content for the body of the email. Substitute [NUMBER] and [NAME] for CID variables.',
                    'type' => 'textarea',
                    'default' => 'Incoming call from [NAME] at [NUMBER] on [DID]. Automated notification email sent by the POSSA Superfecta Caller ID Module'

the error i got also was that the new code was not SIGNED

There is a process for code submission. We do not accept code through the forums.

geez…ok how can I get it working like it was since it refuses to load now with the original code?

To completely revert all your changes and get the original version:

fwconsole ma download superfecta --force
fwconsole downloadinstall superfecta

You can file a feature request at

thanks Lorne

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I will do that much easier :slight_smile:
thanks leon