CALLERID Superfecta question

I use callerID superfecta. I chose ASTERISK PHONE BOOK, SUPERFECTA CACHE AND OPENCNAM(PAID VERSION) for my top 3 searches. It works fine. A call comes in, it searches all 3 and chooses one of them. My question is this: How do I get it to stop searching once it finds the name in the top 1 or 2 ? What it is doing is finding the name in cache or phone book and then proceeding on to opencnam which costs me a dip. I want it to stop once it finds a name. Any ideas?

It does stop after it finds it. In debug it runs them all regardless

Thank you - I was running debug, noticed it kept going, and thought that was how it performed in production. You are a great help - Thanks

Can you tell me how to “view” the information in the superfecta cache?