CallerID Superfecta and google contacts


Does anybody use CallerID Superfecta and google contacts?

I set this up and got the login authentication.

A debug never shows a result and the numbers are 100% there!

Any hints?


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I would love to use this feature (or similar to look up id’s from google contacts), does anyone know how to get it working?

Runs fine here.

It also works for me, although there’s some encoding issues when retrieving literals (non-English special characters). Anyway it works well for me indeed.

StephanK… are you sure you caught the authorisation token from Google at account binding time? Did you enter it in Google Contacts config section within Superfecta CID FreePBX module?

Good luck and regards from Spain.

As I said I have no problems at all.

(This is a very old post and someone else reactivated it.)

I tried to authorise the module with Google and got this reply?

These are the instructions I was following

Looks like the built-in Google Contacts Superfecta is not going to be working any longer? We are using Google workspace.

Learn more about this error

Out-Of-Band (OOB) flow Migration Guide

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