CallerID Problem


I’m in the process of migrating a company to Freepbx and they are reporting a problem calling a customer they frequently speak with. On the customer’s phone the call comes up with the correct telephone number, but says unknown caller. Calling from the old PBX the customer sees their name and telephone number, however it shows 1403xxx instead of just 403xxx. So, on Freepbx I changed the outbound CID to push 1403xxx instead, however when they call the company it still shows Unknown caller, however the number now says 1403xxx.

Anyone know why this would happen when the number received is the same from the two platforms?

Thank you,

What are you setting in the outbound Caller ID Name?

Ok, that could be it. I just have their outbound number 1403xxxxxx.

The Outbound CID says “Caller Name” <##########>, do I need the “quotes” or the <>?

Or, can I just put, John Smith 14035555555 etc.


Well, that worked great! “Caller Name” <##########>


IIRC, quotes are needed if there is a space in the name, but they are always correct.

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