CallerID problem when using Asterisk PhoneBook

I found an interesting problem associated with outgoing CallerID display. I created an extension in TrixBox with the following setting:

Extension number = 871
Extension display name = Kitchen
CID num alias = 870
outbound CallerID = 1234567890

Now, if I use this extension to call out, callerIDs would be different when I dial the outside number directly or I use the system speed dial function to dial out:

  1. If I enter 1 with a 10-digit phone number, the called party will see “1234567890” <1234567890> on their screen
  2. If I dial a system speed dial number, #97 for example, the called party will see “Kitchen” <870>

So, the system speed dial function takes the internal extension ID and passes it on to the outside world. It sounds a bug to me. I am using TrixBox

I found out the problem. The problem is only related to one particular service provider. For many other providers, this problem does not happen. so, it is a bug on that particular service provider.