CallerID on Internal FollowMe

My user/extension has FollowMe setup to dial my extension and my cell phone.

When outside callers dial my extension, I receive the callers ID on my cell phone. This is fine

When another user/extension dials my extension, I would like their Internal CallerID (extension) to be sent when my cell phone is called. I want this so that if I miss the call from another extension, I know which extension to call back.

I don’t believe this behaviour is configurable.

I may be achievable with some custom code to one of the _additional.conf or _custom.conf files.

I just don’t know the internals well enough to do this. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

I do this by accident from time to time (usually when I rebuild my system). I usually figure out I’ve messed something up when I make my first “outbound” test call to my cell and the CID is my extension.

Step 1 - set up an outbound trunk that accepts whatever you want to send as the Caller ID.

Step 2 - set it up as an “Intra Office” trunk. This way, the system will leave the Caller ID completely alone.

Step 3 - identify this trunk as “for my cell phone only”.

If you set up an “Intra system” link, the caller ID of the extensions doesn’t get reset or munged to the trunk’s caller ID.You might have to use the “Set Caller ID” destination for external numbers for work this way, but that’s the start of what you’re looking for.

Thanks Dave,

You pointed me in the right direction. Here is what I ended up doing.

Step 1 - Trunks are already setup to accept any CallerID

Step 2 - Created Outbound Route, set Route Type to Intra-Company. Set Dial pattern to match my cell phone number. Selected Trunks.

Tested and works great!!!

I can’t believe I couldn’t figure this one out.


Now that I have this working, everyone that uses follow-me to their cells phones wants this implemented. The problem with this is that it will be a constant maintenance headache.

I’d like to find a permanent solution where I can code this as the default behavior.