CallerID Name Display

When I receive a call, my phone company passes the calling phone number as the CallerID number and the City and State of the call as the CallerID Name. Because I know those people, to be more specific, I entered my friends’ names and numbers into my Asterisk PhoneBook. I enabled the phonebook as the source for CallerID Name retrival. It works well when my friends on my list call me because it show their names and numbers on my screen.

However, when new people who are not on my list call me, the Caller Name becomes NOTFOUND. This is an inferior situation because my phone company actually pass on the City and State as the CallerID Name to the system already.

So, manybe a condition needs to be built in: when no match found in the CallerID sournce specified for the Inbound route, preserve the original CallerID Name received on the inbound route.