CallerID Manipulation

When our inbound calls came in via ISDN we were able to manipulate the inbound caller id through the DAHDI module to add a single leading 0 to local/national/mobiles and a double leading 00 to international calls. This allowed people to redial through their missed calls option on phones

Since moving to SIP for our inbound, local/national/mobiles come in from our provider with the leading 0 already there, which is great but all international calls come in with a leading + followed by country code. I can’t see how I can strip out the + and replace it with 00

Is this possible through the GUI?

Currently running FPBX16, Asterisk 18

I’m not sure about changing the CLI presented inbound but you can use Outbound Routes for the user to dial with the + prefix and strip it out before handing to the SIP carrier. Ignore the +1 the user (re-)dialled and send it as 001…

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