CallerID Management Fails

I’m trying to get the CallerID Management module to work. I have configured a feature code (*209) to set the caller ID. But, when I attempt to dial the feature code from one of my extensions I get a “User not found” error.

In my asterisk logs I see:

[2017-03-15 12:28:58] NOTICE[4714] res_pjsip_session.c: Call from '1001' to extension '*209' rejected because extension not found in context 'from-internal'.

In /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf I see the following:

include => callerid-management-custom
exten => _*209.,1,Set(TEXTEN=${EXTEN:4})


include => from-internal-additional-custom
include => callerid-management
include => app-cf-toggle

So, as far as I can tell *209 should be found in the from-internal context, but it’s not. Any idea on what I’m doing wrong here?

You don’t dial *209 by itself, you prefix an outbound number with with *209 to use the specified CallerID.

Wow I feel like an idiot. Thanks for explaining that. I think I was thrown off by the wording on the page for the module:

“By dialing a simple feature code you can change the Caller ID for the next call on your extension”

Anyway, it’s working as expected now.

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