CallerID Magement Module Not in Applicatiosn

I purchased the Commercial module CallerID management and the license is applied to the system. When I navigate to the Applications area in Module administration the module isn’t there. I had the system "Check " with all buttons visible. In the module listing there is no entry “CallerID Management”. I am at a loss as to why it is not listed. My system version is 2.210.62-6 . Any suggestions as to what is going on and how I can fix this?


Anyone?? I have checked several of the other systems I have installed and none of them have the CallerID Management module available. I have updated two of my installed systems to the latest versions in the Module Admin and there still isn’t a CallerID Management module. If my repos was messed up wouldn’t I not be able to upgrade any other modules?

I checked the Yum repolist and schmooze-commercial is listed. Given that wouldn’t that mean that the CallerID Management module should be available? Is there a way I can manually load it?


php -v

If you are lower than 5.3 you will not see any commercial modules.

Thanks TM1000,

The version is 5.3.3 It is puzzling in that it appears that the CallerID Mgmt module is the only one not available.

I show the module is their. I just checked on 2 systems.

Here is what I have been doing to get the systems running. I setup a system with some default programming and then I cloned the hard drive. I have cloned approx. 20 systems. All with the exception of one is missing the CallerID Mgmt module in the module listings. Could there be an original file that is corrupted? The one and only system that is working woud have been about the 14th system from the original clone. All the systems are at 2.10. I even setup a new clone and then updated all the modules, and still the same issue. It is wierd.

Go into module admin in FreePBX and check online.

Secondly cloning Drives for new installs is not the best idea. It is best to do a install of the ISO for integrity and best performance.

I have checked the check online button and also upgraded all in several systems. They all are the same. I understand the potential issues with cloning. All my systems use the same hard drives,memory and motherboard.

I have checked several systems this morning and found out that almost ALL of the commercial apps are not listed. I have not purchased tht many commercial apps, so I wasn’t that tuned into whether they were there or not. I compared the publishers and that didn’t seem to be a common thread. I also checked serveral Deployment ID numbers and they are different. Is there a different yum repository for the commercial modules?

The Commercial Modules are displayed when you enable the commercial repo at the top of Module Admin.

That’s what I thought, I always have all of the repos enabled. Maybe that link is broken.

I am thinking that the page is broken, not passing the info to apache to show the modules. I read in the WIKI that modules can be added using the cli. The one mentioned is for sysadmin. Using this command : amportal a ma install sysadmin I assume it is used from a ssh session. What is the name of the callerid management module? There seems to be multiple names for the same modules. If I can do this from an ssh session that would be great, since the system I need this modue is in St Louis, MO and I am in Michigan.

Maybe a dumb question. On the right side of the Module Admin page is reset button. Just what does that button reset? I see nothing changing.

Still struggling with Commercial modules showing up in the module admin. A thought occurred. I believe it was Tony that said that I should not clone drives. and that I should create systems from the ISO. In the Help button in the Repo selection in the module admin page it states (paraphrasing) that a random and unique number alond with certain system version numbers are sent to ascertain the correct module types and versions be returned. The question is: Is the random and unique number generated at the time the system is created from the ISO or at the time the system checks for new or updated modules? If the former might that be the reason I have these issues?

Thanks for any thoughts again

The unique number has nothing to do with modules. In fact for 2.10 systems a php check isn’t even done. All modules are just returned into the xml that freepbx receives. See here if you don’t believe me:

It’s a forum reset. It resets selections made on the page.


Why wouldn’t I believe you??? I am grasping at straws here. I looked at the XML you referenced and did a FInd while it was in my browser. It only found the standard Fax version.
Here are a couple of screenshots from the system I am working on. The CLI command was amportal a ma listonline and the repos were base extended and commercial

As you can see there are a couple of commercial modules listed. But not faxpro, the one I need.


Isn’t the title of this thread “CallerID Magement Module Not in Applicatiosn”. Why are you suddenly talking about faxpro? This is the first time you have mentioned faxpro in this whole thread. Faxpro does not exist for 2.10.