Callerid lookup sources questions

the wiji / help ( ) has some info on the callerid lookup sources, but it doesn’t seem to cover everything.

  1. what is the format of the RESULTS that the script is looking for? If I pass it 555-1212… what does it need back for a successful query? What should it return on an unsuccessful query?

  2. if the query is unsuccessful… how can you have a ‘fallback’ result?

I am attempting to do my own caller id lookup for a few numbers… if those numbers are not found… I want it to fall back and use what ever callerid info the phone company passed along.

For example… my cellphone callerid stuff from the phone compyany shows up as City, State Number. I want my local pbx to show My Name, My Number instead of City State, My number. if I don’t find the number… and return ‘unknown’ I don’t want the system to use that as the called info. I want it to use what ever the phone company sent.


I may not be understanding the scope of your request, but wouldn’t adding the Asterisk Phone Book to your search list and putting the information about your cell phone in there be simpler? A lot depends on which caller ID module you are using, of course, but IIRC the local phone book is queried for CID information.

You should be using CallerID Superfecta for this.

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