CallerId Lookup Source HTTP Get response format

Using Freepbx 16.0.19, I have a HTTP CallerId Lookup source that returns a response when the URL is queried directly. When the lookup source is used in the inbound route, the Caller id displays !doctype html><html lang=“en”><me

How should the response be formatted so that it will display the Caller Id information?

CID name should just be plain text. If that’s not possible, you can use superfecta to process with a regex.

Thanks for that. I had a couple issues- 1 was including the “?” in the query section of the Lookup source and the other was using json_encode($number) in the snippet below. Changing that to just $number gave me the result I was expecting.

         $number = isset($_GET['phone']) ? $_GET['phone'] : 'Not Found';
         echo $number;


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