CallerID Issues

Hi everyone… I am very new to FreePBX and every help is welcome… Can please someone enlighten me where are the incoming callerIDs stored, or if there is any commercial module for it? What i want to do is, is to get the callerID when it rings and drop it at an MS-Access database or any database… I Had a project going on for some years now working with another thing called “netmod” (google it if you like) which was very popular in Greece that I Live, but now the central telecommunications company is changing this… With the previous system, i managed to get the Caller ID at the ringing point and dropping it inside a database, even before the call was answered. The system was working through the serial port that the device had available and mainly through at commands, so a driver in VB was easy…
Any help is appreciated
Many thanks

The easiest and cheapest way to deal with something like this is to add a function to Caller ID Superfecta. Add a “URL” source to the list and you can send the CID to “wherever” when the call comes in.

Thanks for your reply… I will try it…

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