CallerID issues with Asterisk PhoneBook

When I dial an outside number directly from the extension, the called party can see my callerID. However, when I dial the same party using the Asterisk PhoneBook speed dial function, the called party will see “Unknown Number”.

Initially, I thought it many be just the particular VOIP provider who did not pass on correct CallerID for me. But, that happened to all the VOIP providors I have.

Anyone else find the same problem?

Sounds like a bug. I don’t use phonebook, so if you could try applying the following patch and report back if it corrects the problem. If so, go post a bug report in the ticket system. Your lack of CID would also imply you have not CID set in your trunks that are being used, is that the case? (Which is generally a bad idea, since such CIDs provide a ‘fall back’ CID if none others are available.

The patch is for /var/www/html/admin/modules/pbdirectory/ in a typical install:

---   (revision 5349)
+++   (working copy)
@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
                                $ext->add('app-pbdirectory', $code, '', new ext_goto(1,'pbdirectory'));
+                       $ext->add('app-pbdirectory', 'pbdirectory', '', new ext_macro('user-callerid'));
                        $ext->add('app-pbdirectory', 'pbdirectory', '', new ext_agi('pbdirectory'));
                        $ext->add('app-pbdirectory', 'pbdirectory', '', new ext_gotoif('$["${dialnumber}"=""]','hangup,1'));
                        $ext->add('app-pbdirectory', 'pbdirectory', '', new ext_noop('Got number to dial: ${dialnumber}'));

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx

Hi, Philippe, that is right that I did not specify a CallerID for the trunk. The reasons is that I run 2 business DIDs and 3 personal DIDs at home and I use the same trunk for outgoing call service. So, I program the CallerIDs at the extension level.

When I dial 1 plus 10-digit phone number, all CallerIDs assoicated with extensions are passing out correctly. Only when I use system speed dial, for example *99, to call an outside number, the called party will not see my correct CallerID of the extnesion I am using, it could be either “Unknown Number” or some call gateway numbers of the VOIP providers.

Since I do not know anything about asterisk programming, sorry :-), I will report it as a buy then.

Have a nice weekend.