CallerID info for After Hours line (Yealink T-48S)


My goal is to change the ringtone and contact picture for when an emergency after hours calls come in to something funny . There’s a NOC ring group that rings my cell and my Yealink handset.
I set the “Change External CID Configuration” in the ring group to a Fixed CID Value of NXXXXXX. When I dial to an after-hours-test Inbound Route that points to the NOC ring group my cell phone gets shows NXXXXXX (our setup: after hours calls have always came from NXXXXXX), but my handset shows the person that actually called skipping the Fixed CID Value of the ring group.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Or any other suggestions on After Hours best practices. It’s easy if it’s just one DID calling the Yealink.

tl;dr need help changing ringtone on handset for after hours line

In regards to the Yealink not receiving the Fixed CID Value, I’m pretty sure that’s expected behavior where that option only applies for external destinations in the ring group. I’ll need to get further confirmation that’s the case. Having said that, there is a way for all parties to get a specified callerid.

To do so, you’ll want to create a Set Caller Id entry(Applications->Set CallerID). Set the values you want for the name and/or number, then set the destination to the Ring Group. Then modify your after-hours inbound route’s destination to go to this Set CID entry instead of the Ring Group. With this setup, your Yealink handset should get the callerID you want. However, be aware that this is kind of a global setting. It may lead to undesired behavior when looking at call log overviews.

Having said that, if you’re just looking to change the ringtone on your yealink, can you make use of Alert-Info headers? They can be set to be included for calls on the inbound route, or the ring group. I’m just not sure what the Yealink expects on its end to make use of them.

This is how it works on Yealink. Use whatever text you want. jsut make sure it is the same in both places.

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Thanks guys! I think the Alert-Info is what I was looking for! I just tested and it’s working, sweet!

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