Callerid from original caller to external number in queue

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(Sadrouki) #1

I am new to the world of freepbx;
I will detail my problem so that you can help me.

I receive an external call flow on a French line 33xxxxxxxxxx
this flow is routed to a queue in the queue I put external numbers. so calls arrive on a did and an incoming route and then to a queue and after from the queue to external numbers my problem is that the original callerid does not appear with the external numbers which is in the queue

(Charles Darwin) #2

It depends on your sip-trunk provider. Usually, they only allow a fixed CID, which is your phone number, for outgoing calls.

(Jared Busch) #3

In my experience, this is far from usually.

But his is always the case. It is up to your provider to allow or not allow various CID to be sent.

(Charles Darwin) #4

He is from France I am German…Both sip-trunk providers I tested so far, told me that it is illegal in Germany (EU?) to use other CIDs for outgoing calls except for the one I own, with the area code of my location.
In the US, everything is allowed as long as it is patriotic…see NSA :wink:

(Charles Darwin) #5

A Swiss provider once told me that I can use the web-GUI-settings of the trunk to enable forwarding at the sip-provider-level…but forwarding through Asterisk always resulted in displaying MY CID.

(Jared Busch) #6

Ok, if your country has this kind of restriction, then there is nothing else you can do.


Get a less restrictive VSP for forwarded calls, most of the American ones are and nowadays calls back to Europe (barring Cell phones for some carriers) are sub 1cent per minute. Also OVH is a candidate for Euro’s

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