CallerID forwarding

Not sure how to configure this in FreePBX.

Calls coming in go to an IVR. If the caller chooses “support” from the IVR the call is sent to a Misc Destination that is a 3rd party call center. That call center is reporting that they are getting the CallerID of the PBX and not the original caller.

I do have “override extension callerID” on for all outbound routes but I didn’t think that would effect Misc Destinations. Am I wrong?

Because the outbound CID is that of your FreePBX server, via one of your outbound trunks. VoIP providers won’t allow you to effectively “spoof” your CID to match that of the original inbound caller.

Whilst provider policy is a definite possibility, my guess is that override extension callerID would also do it. I’d expect Misc Destination calls to be treated much the same as those for extensions, but was, originally, waiting for someone to give a more definitive answer.

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