CallerID for Extension to Extension Calls forwarded to Cell

Long time lurker, first time post. I have a FreePBX v15 box with a few extensions. Each ext has Find Me/Follow Me enabled with calls forwarded to users cell. For extension to extension calls, we would like the extension number displayed as caller ID if the call gets forwarded to the Find Me/Follow Me. I will illustrate with an example. If x100 calls x101 and 101 isn’t registered, the call is routed to 101’s cell (say 817-123-4567) via Find Me/Follow Me. I would like the caller id that is presented to 817-123-4567 for that call to be “100”. Caller ID isn’t set for extensions, however override extension setting in the outbound route is enabled. My question is, is it possible to have these “internal” calls display the extension number as CallerID to the cell? If yes, what do I need to configure?

PS: Extensions presently don’t have CallerID setup. We rely on Outbound route to set CallerID for external calls from the extensions


This is a question for the network operator, but I’m pretty sure that the technology can only accept a full phone number, and the legal and commercial departments, on the way, may insist that it the full phone number that they associate with you. If you have direct in dialling numbers for each extension, you might just be able to do it.

Indeed it was not allowed by the operator. Thanks for the pointer

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