CallerID by create Generic SIP Device only

There is a need to change the principle of the creation CallerID. The default is: if no CallerID - the system automatically sets the callerid = (account)
in some cases it is necessary to make the “callerid =” blank.
You must provide the user with a choice - to create callerid= (account), or do not create
We have now used a cascade Astersik and LG-iPECS stations, and at each update of the module “Core” - when an incoming call people don’t see numbers of CallerID the end users, users can will only see number of the gateway through which marched the call.

All associations we have not done at a TRUNK, but through a Generic SIP Device without creating users.
We thought it more convenient for us, but when you create a Generic SIP Device does not abandon to create CallerID.

After updates to the Core we are forced to change the file core/funс

the old value:
case ‘callerid’:
$ user_option = $ this-> dev_user_map [$ account] [‘description’]. ‘<’. $ account. ‘>’;
case ‘mailbox’:

new value:
case ‘callerid’:
$ user_option = $ this-> dev_user_map [$ account] [‘description’];
case ‘mailbox’:

I assume English is not your primary language?

I read that three times and failed to understand what you are trying to do. The code snip is also out of context so hard to understand.

I am also concerned about “marching” calls. Generally we prefer to see a somewhat more considered gait.

Sorry for my English.
really hard for me to translate from Russian :frowning:

Where is my creations is hard to understand?

Try google translate maybe?

I suggest adding a checkbox so as to make it possible to create a device with an empty caller id.

This is necessary when creating separate user and device.

So I translated by Google :slight_smile: