CallerID between multiple units

Hi all, we have 2 FreePBX Systems connected via IAX2, one in our datacenter, and one in the office. We have the datacenter unit registered with all the vendor trunks (fpbx and vitelity). This is all working fine for transfering, making calls, etc. We noticed a couple of things and Im not sure where to look.

#1. We get CallerID on the phones on the internal only pbx, but if you goto missed calls, or recieved calls on the grandstream phones the history always says unknown for any external calls.

#2. With the follow-me feature on the internal unit it doesnt pass the CID to the external follow-me cell #, it passes the main office #.

For remote phones that connect directly to our datacenter pbx, this all functions correctly, which leaves me to look at the IAX2 trunk between the external PBX and internal PBX. there is no CID set on the IAX trunk, and i played with Intra-Company checkbox on and off … didnt seem to change anything.

Any ideas? poking around on google I didnt find anything related.

Your outbound route to the other box needs to be intra-company, and your trunk needs to allow any caller id.