CallerID and IAX2

Hello !

I have an issue and cannot find the solution, and I have done a lot of search

I have a server, that we will call A, and another one, that we’ll call B

The A server is the main server. It is from him that the B server will log in IAX2, in order to phone from everywhere in the world.

So, I have created, on the A server, an IAX2 “extension” (5080815).

On the B server, I have created an “IAX2 trunk” from the datas on the A server (5080815), I have no problem till there.

What I’m not able to do, is transmitting correctly the “CallerID” of the “extensions” that are used in B server for outgoing calls.

Each time a call is done, it is the number 5080815 from A server that shows, not the “CallerID” of the extension on the B server. For example 5080830 and 5080831, …

How can I let an access for the “Extensions’ CallerID” on the B server to get through for outgoing calls ?

I’m looking forward to reading you soon and thank you for your help

Best regards,