Caller queue

Hello everyone,

I have a customer who is using an existing VOIP solution through another company however he is not very happy with their service.

They are a cultural TV station and they currently have a Linksys SPA 962 IP phone with the expansion module (32 Button Attendant Console). They have a single DID and a caller queue of 10 calls. Once a caller calls the number, the caller is placed in a queue and one of the lights on the 32 Button Attendant Console is lid indicating that there is currently 1 caller waiting on that queue. As other callers join, other lights buttons are lid indicating the number of callers in queue.

If there are no callers in queue and you actually press of one of the buttons on the attendant console, you get a message (There are no callers waiting on the queue) that appears to be an asterisk IVR.

I would like to know if a similar setup is possible with FreePBX?

Thanks in advance.