Caller number not displayed after transferring call

We have 2 sites running freepbx 4.211.64-1 and yealink handsets.

At one site when we transfer a call, the caller ID appears on the recipients screen after the call has been put through.

At the other site the number of the original recipient (the extension transferring the call) remains onscreen after the transfer has gone through.

Any ideas why that might be?

If a call from 0123456789 is answered by ext 100 and transferred to ext 101, we want 0123456789 to appear on the screen of 101 when 100 puts down the receiver after transferring the call. Currently after 100 hangs up, ext 100 still sees “Ext 100” as the caller id.


I think that passes the original caller id through

Blind transfer appears to work but we need to get it working with attended transfer. This works at other sites without any mods but it’s not working at this one site.