Caller Name missing first character

using a Vega 100g connected to our PRI line - feeding FreePBX 15.

the inbound Caller Name is missing the first character of the field.
on previous phone system with same PRI line (but not the Vega), the caller name was complete.

in FreePBX logs:

VERBOSE[2360][C-00000367] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:50] Set(“SIP/vegain-000001bc”, “CALLERID(name)=IRELESS CALLER”) in new stack

the name should read “WIRELESS CALLER”, but the ‘W’ is missing.

i’m guessing this might be an issue in the Vega 100g. Any thoughts?

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(my search didn’t find that because I didn’t type “CNAM” but “callerid”.)

I will try this, and post the results.

Changing this from “auto” to “ni” worked ! Now my callerid name is not missing the first character.

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well - this fixed the inbound callerid name, but it “broke” something with some outbound calls.

so I put it back to auto

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