Caller lookup?

Does anyone know if there is an app or module that I can use to do a caller lookup? Based on the incoming number?

I would like to curb these scumbags that like to change there numbers, you know, like the ones from “Cardservices” and all that.

Is there such a module?

In a generous search and google mood today!

There are a few modules in Superfecta that are intended to flag Spam callers, but I don’t know how reliable they are. I do know none of the SPAM modules have undergone any recent maintenance. If you run into issues or if you have improvements to suggest, quickest action will be in the project issue tracker here:

Thank you both for your help… :slight_smile:

I’m using SmartRoutes to do just that.
SmartRoutes is a module that allows you to control inbound call routing based on external database values. Using SmartRoutes you can route incoming calls to the appropriate queue (skills based routing), you can automatically route calls from one trunk to another (sip->tdm gateway), you can set variables in the dial plan (like cdr, caller id name, etc), strip unnecessary caller-id and did prefixes from inbound calls, and much more based on the caller id, did called or other Asterisk call values. As an example, you can route customer calls differently based on how much money they do with your business.

It will not work as recommend if you install freepbx using the distro. The module depends on ODBC support to be installed in your Asterisk setup and this can only be done in 2.8x manually. I was going to write a step by step instruction on how I did it but I never got around to it. We use it route calls to sales people depending on caller id, and it checks our CRM to see what sales rep the caller belongs to. If the caller is not in the CRM then the caller gets routed to the sales rep who is responsible for that area code.

If you go this route, DO NOT use the MySQL connection to even test it out on your live system. It will restart your system randomly and you can’t reverse the effects even after you remove the module.

I started to use the superfecta, but all it seems to do is look up caller ID. Is there a way to make superfecta route a call if no CID is found? Or maybe another module that I can install to do this?
These lame spam callers are still getting through.