Caller is now Parked at 71 message when parking. Can we remove this?

I am creating BLF keys for park as we want to use park multiple park buttons. This works, but we get a message that says “Caller is now parked at 71 Please call 71 to retrieve this call”. This only does this on P-series phones. Can this be turned off?

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Can you not just use the Parking App built into the phone? It doesn’t announce the parking slot.

They want multiple Parks like lines. This is how the old system was. You also cannot assign the buttons on these phones on the side to use park. I also tested the phone apps and it still displays the same message on the horizonal button. They have to hit show or exit which is another step


Doing it via the app will give you that message. The the BLF keys can be configured as you would in any other phone.
You are looking for a Speeddial key to transfer calls directly to slot 70, maybe?

I have it on a BLF key labeled park. At slot 71 and I get the message.

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