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PBXACT 12.7.4-1802-3SNG7

Cannot get pbxact to pass the caller id (name or number) that is set on the extension. both trunk and route are blank on caller id. on another providers sip phones my caller id comes up #-7460 with the 7460 being my extension.

where and how do I set this to my real number. Class notes from Neenah class show entering outbound CID on extension with no formatting, however the “?” in extensions next to that field says Format:“caller id” <#######>

which is correct? Also the Display name “?” on extensions states that the caller id name for calls will use this field.

Again which is correct? either the caller ID for the extension comes from the display name field or from the quoted information in the outbound CID field.

With normal settings, the Display Name is used on internal calls and calls made over an intra company trunk; the quoted name in Outbound CID is sent to the provider on an external call. You may want them to be different, e.g. “John Doe” and “Acme Sales”.

If Outbound CID is set to just a number, that value will be used for both name and number.

In Canada, the name sent to the provider is usually propagated to the destination phone.

In the US, the name sent to the provider is mostly ignored, because the destination carrier will look up the number in an LIDB to get the CNAM. If the destination number is with a CLEC and your provider bypasses the PSTN, the name you supply will likely be used.

In most other countries, there is no caller name info over the network at all, any name displayed is dependent on being present in the callee’s contacts.

Depending on your trunking provider, you may need to put the destination number in the P-Asserted-Identity or Remote-Party-ID header – configure your trunk accordingly.

If you still have trouble, look at the INVITE sent to the provider to determine whether it’s a PBX or provider issue. If the former, the Asterisk log should show why the correct caller ID wasn’t sent.

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